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Brianna Payne Medium


Bri is an exceptional medium with the wisdom and proficiency of someone who has been working in the field for years. The depth and clarity of the information she communicated surprised me. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to connect with their loved ones in spirit.

Jyl Anais


Hello Bri, 

I just wanted to thank you for the best reading that I have had in a long time. You were able to hit all the right people and being able to define the difference between them was amazing. The messages that were sent were spot on to the topics I needed to hear. You were able to get future information which is also amazing. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Way to go girl!

Adele Ritchie


I recently received a reading from Bri and Wow was I impressed from start to end. Bri messaged to check I was ready prior to the agreed time then called me on time. Bri provided a lot of great evidence of my relatives who have passed to the spirit world, giving memories and even providing names. I wouldn't hesitate having a future reading with Bri and have already recommended her to my friends.

Louise P.

Brianna's Background

 Brianna grew up in Hazlet, New Jersey around her entire 

family who have always been very connected to the Divine world. Her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were all born a very strong ability to connect to spirit. When Brianna was younger, it was no surprise to her mother when she found out at the age of 3, that Brianna could see and hear the departed. At first she was afraid of her gift. She saw her grandmother and grandfather in spirit that she'd never met in the physical world and they told her their names, what they looked like, and specific information about them. They entered her room with a big bright light behind them and she was in such awe. After that day, Brianna really hoped that wouldn't happen again since she looked at them as strangers. However, she didn't realize it was the most beautiful gift she could ever receive from God, but she didn't figure that out until she was a teenager. From 3 years old to 12, Brianna locked her ability in a box and didn't want to embrace it. At 12 years old her grandpa (who was her best friend), transitioned to heaven. She then started to experience an even stronger connection with her loved ones in spirit. It was from that age on she knew what grief felt like and she knew that her ability was stronger than she thought. As she got older, people would ask to communicate with the other side through Brianna and naturally through spirit's evidential messages, everyone became extremely thankful and she became more excited to share her gift and help people with advice, guidance, messages, and clarity from their loved ones in spirit. She knew that sharing her gift was a part of her purpose so when she turned 18,  she started to understand and embrace her gift even more. She began giving professional readings and has been giving them for the last ten years. Brianna feels so blessed to be the evidential medium she is today. Her purpose in this life is to serve spirit and share all of the meaningful messages from the other side to provide you with guidance, clarity, healing, and insight you may be seeking for the past, present, or future. Brianna's  intention is for each person to experience an uplifting healing session leaving them with a sense of ease, peace, and closure. She believes that nothing is a coincidence and that you are meant to be here for a reason.

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